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You spent some time thinking about what you have learned and choose to take matters into your own hands. The rest of your studying time was spent on a plan to help the other taurs liberate themselves in this fractal society. Taking notes all night on what you've studied your trade much harder than you ever have, and before the night was up, you had finalized your plan.
Before the sun had begun to rise, you heard a quiet creeping through the hallways just as dawn casted it's bright lights across the kingdom. Not long after, you heard a knock on your door, you waited, and shortly after a faint creek as the door turned on its hinges. The dark movement cut through your room as your night adjusted eyes remained affixed on the tall slender figure.
The queen jumped slightly as she realized you were awake when she touched your shoulder. You quickly sat up in reaction and began to address her, your work ethic and affinity for the early rise and flossed her mind with your studies. You tried to remain subtle about your cause, but you reported your work well enough to her to keep her in check. Before she had time to respond you were leading her to their counsel to excitedly propose your plan.
This was it, not only did you have a voice, but you also had the knowledge and plan to implement your best possible attempts to make history, and in a few words, you were about to shock them all.
"We should reform the mines for better labor" they were shocked, yet you had only begun your intricately planned pitch. For hours you talked their ears off with every reason to trust you, the benefit to the kingdom, and each financial figure associates. They were impressed.
Not long after you had persuaded them into your trap, you began leading every anthro in a position of power down to the mines, and to your surprise, it looked just as opulent at the entry gate of the deep dark tunnels. You all were greeted by a happy taur gatekeeper, who you trotted ahead to chat with out of earshot, and when the royals came back, you smiled politely and continued managing their makeshift campaign.
”open the gates" the king commanded, and the taur slid through the hard ocked double doors and began the long hard process of opening the gates, it took longer than usual but when they were finally fully opened every non taur was rushed and roped up swiftly, and even after the remainder of the royal guard was called in for backup, the taurs outnumbered the guards 3 to 1 and easily overthrew the throne, trapping the royalty in the same tunnels as before.
Your usurping was a success, sealing them in the mines they once banished taurs to, the anthros who had agreed with your regime built a new cultural nation alongside the taurs, which ended greater than the sum of what was before. As a pacifist princess, now rising to the ranks of a queen, you designated the mine as a type of educational museum for those who opposed your unity rule. The reformed workforce allowed people to meet a minimum amount of give and take, where those who wanted more could apply for additional forms of work and financing of their choosing, in order to slowly rise in the ranks over generations.
Following your reforms, you were crowned unanimously by the people as the new queen, and during your official inauguration you were publicly granted a new transformation outfit. When you were on the stage you watched as the crowd applauded you like no other royalty before. The liberated gatekeeper, your new advisor, and a royal counsel member from the previous anthro regime walked up to you proudly and placed an enormous opulent fur collar over your shoulders. It weighed heavy on your shoulders as you took on the responsibility of the people, but it wasn't until you had returned to your enormous bedroom.
The long thick fur almost seemed to melt into the dark strands of soft hair along your shoulders, like milk pouring down your shoulder blades the guest blended down the length of your back as the texture, length, and tone began to shift into something completely novel. Your bone structure and muscle distribution shifted almost painlessly as a playful tingling spread down your limbs. You watched the world changing around you as your mind began to fill with memories of your next transformation.

Written by Driftingdragon on 05 August 2020

The end (for now)
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