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The men spoke for a moment, before walking closer to him. He started to struggle against his bonds, fear beginning to build in his chest. It was just like his dreams. That’s it. It was just a dream, all a dream. One dream.


It was not a dream.


The man with the case opened it. A blinding light emanated that forced Daniel’s eyes to readjust, before he looked inside, curiosity overwhelming his fear. Inside of the case was a glowing green… Gun? No. It looked more like a small caulk gun. The actual metal frame of it was a sort of steel, but inside of it was a glass container that seemed like a kind of goo, yet the word that came first to Daniel’s mind to describe it was crystal. The green that emanated from it was.. Lurid. He felt repulsed by it, but there was a sort of allure to it.. Part of him was drawn to it. The other part wanted to rip itself away.


The man in the brown suit didn’t move. He was extremely stiff actually. On the other hand, the scientist moved quickly, and pulled the injector out of its case, before bringing it to Daniel’s exposed arm. Every hair on his skin stood on end as the end of it slowly came closer, before its cold tip made contact.


The sensation that followed was, without question, the most unpleasant thing that Daniel had ever experienced. Not directly painful no, that would come later. Rather, it was more like stepping on something wet in the dark. The feeling itself was like.. Crystals. Like a fluid flowing into him that then became crystalline and stale, and refused to move through him. But move it did.


A horrifying green glow slowly made its way into his veins, before it took off with the blood flow. He could feel every second of it, as if his blood had turned into coarse salt. It scraped it’s way down, into his chest and soon came closer, and closer, and closer to his heart.


It was at this moment that the pain started.


It felt like his brain would crumble. His body seared with an intense hurt that made him instantly begin to scream, spit flying out of his mouth as it flew open to let the bellows of horrible pain out. His body flew forwards similar to people shocked with electricity, struggling against his bindings.


Daniel’s teeth grinded against each other, competing to see which would turn to dust first. If he could, he would be crying, but his eyes felt as dry as the surface of a desert.


And a moment later, he felt nothing.

Written by OakenFerret on 19 September 2022

The end (for now)

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