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And then, you were back on that virtual room. There was no one else, no sounds, no sensations. The mute existence of cold machinery.
A jolt of liquid fire raced across your changing muscles and arms. Above you, the letters of the word manifested themselves in tortured pixels on the ceiling. They seemed to grow larger as you stared at them, draining all the light in the room.
“I’m hallucinating,” you thought. You closed your eyes and tried to rub them, but recoiled with cold panic as you felt your big, strong paws against your barely-human face.
You were so tired of pretending to be human.
When you opened your eyes again you saw the words.
Sweating, you pushed yourself up and realized you were breathing heavy, your body felt too heavy, each movement took more effort.
As you struggled to sit upright, there was the sudden weight on your back as wings sprouted, first only as bone, but muscles and tendons sewed themselves around the bones, the skin covering them just a moment later, and at last the feathers growing rapidly.
With a screeching clank, a door that hadn’t been there a moment ago is swung open.
You tried to reach for your shotgun, but your new paws made it hard to grasp on the grip.
Demonic-infested humans walked into the room with spears and rifles. Their faces were distorted, bloated, and hidden behind metal masks and black respirators.
The one in front spoke, its voice distorted, almost incomprehensible. “Do not resist!”

Written by ashley-natter on 18 July 2019

Human resistance leader

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