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The first thing you notice is your hands shifting, your fingers curling up as they are replaced by hard hooves. The next change is even more shocking as your chest ballons out forming a large pair of breasts. You whimper and gently claps the hooves over your chest, wondering what was going on as you change.
You feel the cracking of your bones inside your waist as they change, not only forcing you onto your new hooves but also towards a femanine stance. Out of desperation you look unerneath, pass your breasts to see the buldges also shrinking and then you feel your insides changing as well. You groan loudly looking at the changes,as they become more internal afraid of your lack of control doing furitless things to try to stop it.
As you look you feel your neck shift forcing your head up away from underneith and looking forward. Your shirt buttons pop and the seams tear as your entire body stretches out., although strangly the weight of your chest seems to be reducing. troting over to a mirror, nearly falling before reaching it you watch as the body slowly overtakes your breasts as they seem to shift down closer to your rear end before sinking in.. While you are still female it seems like you are not fated to have such a large chest after all.
Your head is the next thing to be affected, your nose and mouth stretching out pushing your eyes to the side as well. While not having as good depth perception, you do see a much wider field of vision, but making it much harder for you to observe the changes.
You toss your head to one side allowing you to get a clearer view as your ears stretch up, hearing the sound of the wind rushing through the forest. You look around and to your supprise only the wall with the mirror is left. The rest of the room having been replaced by a forest and it was not your typical forest outside the city, vines spread out on the ground and climbed tress that seemed to touch the very sky.
The biggest clue to your new form comes next, growing from your forehead is a spiral horn. and from the base of the horn , white fur.
You look back to the mirror rather then the reflection and the mirror has started to fade as well.
The white fur contiunes to spread on your head. Your eyes enlarging to better warn you of danger.
It contiunes down your neck, and then aalong your body. Down all four of your legs. A long tail of thw white fur. You look at your reflection one last time seeing no trace of the human you were only minutes before. With blink of the eyes the reflection is now gone leaving behind a sheer rock cliff.


Written by Catprog + Sadie on 18 June 2012

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