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You’re not sure if staying is the best idea, but you know for sure jumping down and trying to run in your state isn’t going to work. You try and make yourself comfortable, pulling some leaves off of one of the nearby branches and putting them under you as you sit down. Luckily there are a few smaller branches next to the one you’re on, making it a stable and almost nice place for you to sit down. You make sure and tuck your tail up by your legs so there is no way they can see it dangling, and proceed to crush some of the wet leaves nearby. Squishing them into a brown paste, you start to rub it over parts of your body that could be seen.


You figure this will help you blend in with the tree, covering your gray fur. You’re painfully aware of your hurt legs and arms, but you don’t stop working until you’re confident that they wouldn’t be able to see you. There is nothing you can do about your smell, unfortunately, and you know based on your enhanced sense of smell that they most likely have it too.


You wait there for what feels like an eternity before you hear something nearby. Twigs snapping and leaves crunching as something approaches. You tense up as whatever it is gets to your tree and you hear claws scuttling on it to get closer to you.


All of the sudden, a squirrel pops its head from around the tree, looking at you curiously.


It looks and smells delicious, and your mouth starts watering as it inches a tiny bit closer to you.


Before you can do anything though, it opens its mouth, speaking. “What are you doing, silly wolf?”


You are slightly taken aback by the fact that it can talk, but shake it off quickly. If wolves can talk, why can’t other animals?


You’re then faced with the harsh decision of whether or not you should try and eat this delicious looking squirrel. It could offer you help if you talk to it, or cause trouble. It seems to be close enough for you to grab, but you aren’t positive you can reach it before it can bolt away.

Written by Pandachannnnn on 17 March 2017

The end (for now)

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