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Ry William was eating an apple in a tree, looking around the area around him. He wasn't too worried that some Radinri might come, searching for him. He only needed to find people to help him with his mission to make peace. He looked over to find a young fox, walking near the area and looking around the place, like if he was lost. Ry looked closer at the ox to see that he had a device on one of his wrists. A person that must've been transformed into an animal. He wanna come to him and see if he's any help, but Ry also notice some Radinri coming to the fox's direction. They must've been hunting him down. Ry sees 3 solutions to this problem. He could run away, leaving the fox to die. Try to make a swift manoeuvre to take the fox away and get away from the Radinri, or come face to face with the Radinri to defend the fox.

Written by Rikki on 17 November 2008

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