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The silence of your room is almost deafening as the harsh reality set in. You anxiously await nothing in particular as your body shakes, watching the sight of the dead king before you. In an instant you remember your purpose: the costume, its opulent display in the throne room, and the delicate display encasing its thinly stitched fabrics.
You quickly make your way back to the throne room, your mind retracing the haphazard map of the palace in your head, slipping past every idle guard you see with skill and catlike agility. Every pace seemed to go by so slowly in your head while you try to remain focused from your distracted mind.
Upon entering the large room you see your prize set up in its display near the throne. Looking around, you quickly run to the opposite side of the room to grab your rucksack, before trailing along the wall even more quietly to reach the sealed display case containing the new outfit. Your delicate hands worked your prize gently out of its display, before haphazardly shoving it in your bag.
“I guess I’m technically a grave robber now.” you think to yourself as you stealthily
glance around the room one last time for your final escape. The enormous pillars before you stretched far down long thin hallways within the palace. The colors a palette of warm hues, oranges, yellows, and the occasional blue contrasted highlights, which made the dull unsaturated hues pop even more against the enormous slabs of carved rock.
You escape through an open window through the side of the palace; your sensitive ears caught the distant footsteps of guards approaching from the main entrance. The saturated red hues of the sunlight shone glowing orange colors onto your bright hairless skin. Your bag clutched tightly to your chest as muscular hind legs carried you rapidly through the desert and into the safety of the bushes to begin your next adventure.

Written by Driftingdragon on 11 January 2020

The end (for now)
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