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"What can I get you?" she asks.
You're not quite sure how to respond. "Um...a beer please."
She nods and heads off. She comes back a moment later with a saucer full of amber liquid. "Here you go miss," she says handing it to you.
"Thanks," you say automatically before looking at the saucer "Why a saucer?" you ask.
The waitress shrugs. "I thought you would have trouble with your muzzle."
Your eyes widen and you stare at the girl for a long moment. Then you glance down at the saucer. It is barely half filled with beer. "Oh..." you murmur.
"Do you have a mirror?" you ask.
The waitress smiles. "Of course. The bathroom is just over their" she points to a door.
"Thank you," you smile. You set the saucer down on the table and stand up. Your cloak billows around you as you head for the bathroom.
Once inside you take a moment to admire your reflection in the mirror.


A feline face stares back at you. A beautiful young female feline with bright green eyes, black ears, and long cream colored fur. Your tail twitches as you gaze into the mirror. This is the first time you've seen yourself since leaving home. You touch your nose, running your fingers through the soft fur.
"What am I?" you ask yourself.
You leave and head back to your drink.
"Everything as you expected?" says the waitress.
"I was expecting a human face." you say.
"Ah " she says "You are one of the victims" she says. " Their was a recent outbreak of a wild polymorph spell. There are many victims like you. They will be taken care of" she says.
"A wild spell?" you ask.
"Occasionally a spell will take a life of it's own. This one was particularly nasty. You are one of the luckier ones." she explains.
"How so?" you ask.
"You are still walking upright," she says. " A lot of the victims did not even get that. They changed into something much worse than a human. Some turned into animals, others became monsters."
"Monsters?" you gasp.
"Yes. They would attack everyone and everything. Most of the survivors like you have new bodies to deal with ."
"I see" you say.
The waitress nods. "It will take some time for you to adjust to this body. We can help you if you need it" she says.
You nod. "Thank you" you murmur.
"I'm going to get you another beer," she says.
You watch her go and then turn your attention to the rest of the room. You hear the music start again and the dancing girls return to their work.

Written by NovelAi on 26 February 2022

The end (for now)

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