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You promptly went up to your room when your parents finished, the lecture exhausted you to the point of sleeping for several hours after.


After fully waking up, you remember about the ball that was happening tonight. You suddenly leap out of your bed and begin preparing for your night at the ball. The thoughts began racing through your mind as you imagine yourself meeting the perfect prince with the perfect kingdom you could reign over. Wait a minute, you’re still just wearing a dress, yet something compels you to replace it with an even more extravagant one.


Your thin fingertips run down the lateral wrinkles of the new dress you put on, which just barely covered your feral hindquarters. A quick ride from your shofur was the only thing standing between you and your new prince of a lover you anticipate on finding at the opulent event. With barely even time to see your parents or siblings, you prep yourself with care as you grow closer to the event’s happening.


Stepping out of your carriage, each of your quadrapital paws rocked the thick suspension spring above every wheel, you behold the shiney opulence of the palace ballroom. From the outside it is a shimmering glass dome, brightly illuminated with lights, including a warmly glowing stage far in the back of the space, large enough to be seen from the outside. Your heart almost leaped out of your chest as you saw how bright and shiny your ball would be. And your mind could barely stop yourself from fantasizing about all of the hot princes you were going to meet at the celebration.


The entire place was packed, though you didn’t care, ‘the more the merrier’ you would tell yourself, as you trotted your way past the enormous glass doors inside of the building. The sparkling elegance impressed you for quite a while as you twirled with your fellow taurs and bipedal critters. You did not hesitate to dance with every young man you could have found at the ball. Regardless of this fact, you couldn’t help but feel like something was off about most of these princes. They just didn’t fully appeal to your taste!


After a quick session of sulking over by the orderves, you find yourself struggling awkwardly trying to pick up tiny pieces of cheese with a toothpick, along with another stranger who struggles just as awkwardly as you did. The two of you just barely brush hands against each other’s feeling the soft hairy fur bristling pon contact. You look up, seeing a long haired young man, formally dressed, though not to the extent of those around him.


That had immediately stood out to you, the casual attire he came in. The exchange, his weird clothes, his awkward behaviours. This was more than enough to act as a good conversational topic. You two decided to chat for a while, his dorky smile and goofy way of carrying himself actually struck well with you. A perfect contrast between gentleman and real person, unlike the other fake posh party-goers around here.


Unbeknownst to you, he wasn’t even from any royal family, though from the moment you saw him you knew that you wanted him to be your husband. The chemistry between you two was absolutely perfect, hitting it off as you both glided around the corners of the room, chatting and joking about greater things than what’s happening.


That night you and your new friend ended up staying out

Written by Driftingdragon on 13 April 2020

The end (for now)

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