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“Wait! That’s not right. I’m actually a princess!” You yelled,
“Yeah right” the guard said, “You think I’m going to believe that? How’d you even end up here if that’s the case?!” You didn’t even have the time to respond before the shackles at your ankles began to tug. Everyone fell in line behind you, and you all began the awkward shuffle towards the thick base of a mountain. Smoggy smoke covered the sky, and the rank acidic smell of coal filled your sensitive nostrils.
“A mine?” You said to yourself quietly. Your eyes widened in shock and fear and panic began to overtake your body. “Oh no! NO no NO!” you shouted and pulled at your chains as you were slowly led into the deep dark depths of the endlessly spanning hole presented to you. Anxiety gripped your mind as you passed through the threshold of the building; you were thrown right into the fire with this one. Not only that, but you had also angered the others shipped off with you.
“She put us here!” The small creature said.
“Yeah!” The old woman agreed.
“We need to make her pay.” The hulking giant cracked his knuckles. “Gonna make her time here just as bad as she made ours.” You gulped, and they jumped you the moment the guards unshackeled everyone.
“Wait no!” You said, but you couldn’t stop them as they crowded around you, punching, slapping, biting, and hitting you all over. As the door closed behind you, the darkness engulfed your dark striped fur. Even spraying didn’t help, as the rank smell of the coal filling the dark and dank tunnels masked the tang of your spray-glands.
Before long, the other workers joined in, just because of the stench slowly drifting from your paralyzed body. Needless to say, your princess-ly body couldn’t handle it, and the rest of your time was spent in misery, deep below ground, and covered in soot and coal.

Written by Driftingdragon on 09 October 2020

The end (for now)
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