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Pvt.Hayes or Charles is a tall man standing at 6'1, he has deep blue eyes that stand out on his pale face his red hair is cut in a military buzz cut that makes him almost look bald. He wears full military gear complete with fatigues and an assault pack filled with all the things he needs to get his revenge. He is very well trained and disciplined being a combat engineer he usually uses explosives to his advantage but also uses a wide range of rifles too.


Pvt.Hays was fresh out of basic and A.I.T. it was his last day at his current fort when the message came over the radio "all military personal we are at war I repeat, most of our city's are in ruin any personnel who receive this message are to immediately get ready for combat and defend your base" the message fizzled out as the first Radinri laser shot flew through the fort.As charles watched his comrades and friends fall to the radinri he vowed to get revenge. As he rose form his cover his m16 releasing his fury, as the other soders saw him they rallyed and drove off the invaders. when the smoke and chaos of the battle finally settled the humans rose victorious, but with a price only 14 of the 104 solders on the base remained.


As they all gathered to mourn the lost they payed their respect and one stood up "Men we must avenge our brothers and sisters but we can not stay here we must set off and find our other brothers and sisters in arms and drive off these invaders, now who is with me!" as he yelled this out every gun in the base rose and a roar went to the heavens.
Now as Hayes leaned on a Humvee, the other recruits load the trucks and one of the Calvary scouts walked up with a map he saluted him before placing it down "sir we must choose where to go". Pulling back his hand he choose...

Written by caro on 16 January 2013

The end (for now)

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