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After an hour’s examination and thought he determined three things had happened: One; that his body was no longer human but instead a cheetah-man crossbreed of some sort. Two; Roland was obviously a sorceress of some sort in order to do this and had clearly abandoned him for repeated calls of her name brought no one, and Three; he was no longer on Earth.


He stretched a little, lying as he was in a small square of shade afforded by the air conditioner unit on the roof and settled. His mind pondered now of what he could do. He had no food, and while he wasn’t hungry right now, he suspected he soon would be. Being in the forest there should be some game, but he had no tools to get one. Yet he’d heard how some rabbit snares could be made, perhaps he could try that? Or there could be civilization of some sort nearby, he could try there?


Almost before the notion finished forming he rejected it. If he ran into a city, he’d be regarded as a freak and taken to some sort of lab for experimentation or examination. Not a fun trip for him.


Stop that. You are thinking like you are on Earth still, but has the sky ever been that purple home? And the sun, it seems smaller than ours…no, we aren’t on Earth, and we need to stop thinking like we are. It’s probable that we fit the norm on this planet. We could walk right in and say howdy-do with no issue. Unless I don’t speak the same language. Sigh.


That problem hadn’t occurred to him until that point. Even if he ran into someone else, would he be able to talk with them?


A high-pitched scream of terror jolted him from his perch and he slid painfully to the floor. “Ouch.” He cursed under his breath.


A screech came, as of someone in pain. Paul turned his head side to side, the ears on top swiveling to better triangulate the sound. A final shout of fear helped him determine the direction.

Written by Snore23 on 23 May 2017

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