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Startled awake by a soft, ethereal glow, you follow the mesmerizing light to the edge of the cave. There, you discover a mysterious set of power armor, its anthropomorphic jaguar design illuminated by the otherworldly radiance. The armor seems to pulse with energy, and a faint hum resonates in the air around it.


Curiosity overtakes caution, and you cautiously approach the enigmatic discovery. The armor is sleek and metallic, with intricate details that resemble the features of a jaguar. It appears to be in pristine condition, untouched by the passage of time.


Curiosity overcoming any lingering hesitation, you carefully begin to don the sleek jaguar-shaped power armor. Its metallic surface is cool to the touch as you slide your arms into the articulated sleeves. The material conforms snugly to your body, a perfect fit as if it were tailored specifically for you. The faint hum of energy grows slightly louder as you fasten the armor in place, the holographic display flickering to life in response to your actions.


As you secure the final clasps, the power armor responds with a soft hum, and a holographic display materializes before you. It details the armor's capabilities, showcasing enhanced strength, agility, and an array of integrated tools.


Standing there, fully adorned in the jaguar-shaped power armor, the holographic display materializes again. "Welcome back, Zara. It seems your DNA is very degraded," the voice murmurs, its tone carrying a mix of concern and curiosity.


"I am not Zara." you say, a note of uncertainty in your voice, as you grapple with the unexpected revelation. The power armor's response follows swiftly, the soft voice resonating in the cave.


"And your memory is gone as well?" it replies, the words carrying a weight of realization.


"Emergency fix of DNA to handle intruders," the soft voice emanates from the power armor.


A surreal sensation courses through your body as the advanced technology of the power armor starts the repair process. The faint, pulsating light in the cave intensifies for a moment, and you become aware of a subtle transformation. As you reach around to the base of your spine, you feel the unmistakable presence of a jaguar tail.


The holographic display abruptly shifts, and you find yourself and the others projected on the screen. The word "intruders" glows ominously, and a series of images play out, detailing your arrival on the island. "Emergency barrier is active."

Written by - on 20 January 2024

The end (for now)

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