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“Force me two stay?” You whisper as the words set in. Then the fear and confusion wash away when a tide of anger rose up inside you. “Force me!” You leap to your feet. “I stayed because I fell for you! You stupid idiot!!” You yell at him and start coming at him, he backs up into the wall behind, eyes huge as your anger rains down on him. “I. Love. You!” You say each word as a growl and push a claw into his chest. “You don't want me anymore?! It that it? You want me to go?” The anger pulling away as quickly as it came as the cold idea works its way out of your mouth.


“I was just figuring out how to start a family with you.” You pull yourself back from him, you look into his large gold eyes and spill out your emotions, leaving yourself bare; giving more than you ever had to anybody before. “And you don't love me, right? How could you I'm not a real digimon; I probably can't even give you an egg.” Your eyes fill up make Guilmon waver in front of you. “Now that I think of it, you never said it. I just assumed.”


“No!” Guilmon shouts, dropping the suit. You turn to get away, you've had enough but fall over the chair stool you knocked down earlier. You brace yourself for the floor, and end up on Guilmon's chest with his arms around you. You instinctively tuck your head into his shoulder, crying silently. “I do love you. I would love to have a family with you! I just feel like I have taking away from everything thing you knew. The more you talk about your home, sometimes you seem so sad. I just want your happiness.” Guilmon said softly rubbing between your ears with large claws.


“Then why bring that!” You lift yourself off Guilmon and sit beside him on the floor. Pointing accusingly at the suit crumpled on the floor. “I miss home occasionally, any foreigner does! Like how your friend Lemon mentions his mother's home town.” You see a light go off in Guilmon's eyes, the idiot finally figured it out. “You make me happy! But not when you bring horrible things like that and make me doubt myself and you made me cry!” You hit Guilmon in the shoulder as you sniffle.


“Sorry. I'll give it to Caulmon to get rid of later and set up a lunch for you to talk to Leomon; having another to talk to might help and he's been here for years. Please forgive me?” Guilmon ask with big eyes, more of a puppy dog then a dragon in him. You wipe your eyes clear with the back of your paw.


“Don't do it again.” You were a sucker for his eyes, and gave in easily. Plus you were kind of excited to talk to Leomon, after you got you revenge you think wickedly as you tackle Guilmon with to the floor with a solid oomph. “Or I'll slice your spikes off.” You smile evilly, you didn't want him to get off too easy.


“Deal.” Guilmon whispers as he rubs your face with his.

Written by psto1464 on 22 July 2017

The end (for now)

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