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Although it was still burning, the itching and crawling was toning down, as if it was obeying an invisible command; perhaps your willpower was enough to stop it, but it seemed quite unlikely. After all, this was not a mere imagined illness that was striking, but something that was brought on by a substance that was coursing through your veins; there was nothing that faith could do in this situation, not when you had to focus on a solution to the problem you faced.


All of a sudden, the burning stops, as if your wish has been granted; perhaps there is someone listening to you, or this is just another step, something you should be worried about for it could lead to a series of events that you couldn't control anymore.


You feel your skin itch, as if the first sensation is back in spades; although you have the urge to scratch yourself, you know it is wiser not to indulge it, for it could bring far worse consequences to your condition then this mere inconvenience.


However, as you try to ignore the urge that is growing inside you, you feel your skin flare up, as if it is reacting to your lack of movements. How can you resist the desire to sate the urge, when it is rampaging through your mind; perhaps you have to find a way to occupy yourself, for staying still could only spell your demise.


But as you are lost in your thoughts, the urge increases in strength and you, without thinking about it, indulge in the forbidden pleasure that is haunting your mind. As the nails scratch the surface of your skin, you feel a temporary relief fill your mind, but you have the feeling that it won't last long...


Your feeling is right, as you go back to scratching yourself, almost in a fever, possessed by an energy that you thought was gone. There is a chance that it could cause severe damage, but at this point, what else can you do? Either you follow it, or you go insane from restraining yourself, the pain and the desire destroying your mental stability. It is an order that you have to follow, for it is too strong to resist it.


However, as you continue scratching, you notice that the texture of the skin seem to change; perhaps it was due to the excessive energy you spent, but the flesh doesn't feel raw nor do you feel blood leaking on the rest of your skin. There is probably another explanation that would cover this phenomenon..

Written by zanian on 21 November 2015


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