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She snarls and tells you her name is Ember and that she is patrolling the skies for enemies. She demands to know who you are and what you are doing so close to her father's village. Her claws tighten at your neck as she finishes asking.


You explain that you've been living and working the village for the past few days and that Slag accepted you into the village.


She releases you from her powerful grasp as you say her father's name. Her demeanor changes at this information and she begins looking you over still holding you pinned to the moss covered rock.


She asks you what you're doing so far out of the village and you explain that you needed a break from looking for a place to stay.


Her eyes squint as she gives you a very toothy grin. She flexes her muscles and lifts you over her shoulder. The breath is pushed from your lungs as her wings thrust down and propels you both into the air.


Written by SkyBrigidRain on 20 September 2017

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