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Your wings flap on instinct. The feeling surprises you but you only give your back a glance before turning your gaze eagerly back to the pixie. "You can? You would? Do I have to do anything in return?"


"No," laughs Reth. "I'd be happy to." It lifts a tiny arm and shows you its dazzling wand. It sparkles almost more brightly than the pixie. Reth waves it about and a tiny blast of light collides with your face.


You feel something warm spread through your body. You look down eagerly, but instead of seeing yourself changing back, you appear to be shrinking. Your torso and paws get smaller and smaller. You look up in alarm and Reth is getting further away as you shrink toward the ground. "Stop!" Your voice squeaks like you are a tiny mouse, though–in fact–you are just a tiny sphinx. "I want to be big!"


"Oh?" Reth's voice is large and booming now. It flies closer and you feel a shock of terror roll down your long form. You lift up on your hinds, prepared to fight for your life.


Yet Reth does not attack. Instead it blasts you with another beam of light. It's hot this time, hot everywhere, but soothing unlike the desert heat. It feels so good your new body parts react and tingle. You look around, dazed. Everything is getting smaller again. Then Reth is back to its proper size. Then it gets smaller and smaller.


You look behind you and see your back goes on for ages. The sky seems to be getting closer. You look downward and see your long tawny legs are like stilts. You think if you flap your wings you might blow the forest away. "Too big!" Your lamenting sounds like a roar and the breeze from your breath billows the trees you tower over.


You see a tiny beam of yellow strike your chest and you’re shrinking again. You feel strange, like your body is full of bubbles from all the magic. You think you might get tiny again, but this time you stop at normal size.


"You didn't have to shout," Reth chuckles mischievously.


"What are you doing?! I asked to be human!"


"I said I'd change you!" Reth waves the wand and you feel your hips widening, your legs setting further apart.


You look at your behind to see it is larger and more rounded and your waist is narrowing. "Stop! I don't want this!"


The pixie laughs again. "I'm just having some fun! Don't be so serious! Besides you're way sexier now!"


You feel heat in your face. You hadn't thought of this new form as attractive and suddenly you wish you had a mirror. However, this is no time for vanity. "Please change me back," you say.


"Fine," Reth agrees, annoyed. A wave of the wand and once more you are a perfectly regular sphinx girl. "Back to normal!"


A rush of relief falls over you, but then you feel a chill. "This isn't normal," you sigh. Still it is better than the other options. You eye Reth warily, afraid it may toy with you more.


"Relax! I've had my fun!" It laughs as it buzzes around you. "Head deeper into the woods. You'll encounter what you seek."

Written by on 27 March 2019

Into the woods

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