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You thought for a moment and realized that the easiest person you could cross in one way or another, who would still help you regardless would be Buddy. You had spent the least amount of time with him, and he seemed absolutely loyal to Duke. It was an easy choice for you when considering what you were going to do- what you had planned to do from the start and on the brightside, it was enough to get the others to trust you going it alone.
At this point, you were still unsure about where your loyalties lied, but you knew that if you choose one of the most loyal members of the platoon, you could have at least had the chance to manipulate him into a position which favored you over all others.
“I think, I’d like to take Buddy with me.” You announced. “That way he could help with the recovery and of course,” You looked over at Duke. “You’d feel comfortable with being able to accomplish your mission without a hitch.” You watched your teammates looking around at each other attempting to come to some kind of agreement. Before long, Duke stood up and decided unanimously for the group after watching them intensely for a moment.
“That could be a good idea.” The old dog started. “Maybe I wouldn’t be able to lift the weight of the sarcophagus, but I know my best man Buddy would.” he encouraged the golden retriever as he put a hand on his friend’s shoulder.
“You think that’s fine?” Buddy asked his leader, Duke. “I’d be able to help you?” You could see his tail wagging as he looked over at you with large curious eyes.
“Of course!” You reassured him.
“As I said.” Duke added. “You’re one of my best men.” He continued heroically. “You’ve been by my side from the very beginning, so I trust that you can help take us to the very end.” You saw the old German Shepherd winking at his fellow canine.
“Duke is right.” You agreed. “I’ve found you to be one of the most capable of the bunch, considering your quick recovery.” You looked at the others for a moment as they smiled and nodded at the sentiment.
“Of course! You’re definitely a capable member of the team!” Barley barked happily.
“Haha yeah!”
“And definitely one of Duke’s favorites!” The twins commented, one after the other.
“I believe in you!” The samoyed, Barley concluded. You could see the golden retriever’s tail wagging slowly behind him. You could tell that your choice had built his confidence much higher than it had been before.
“Okay!” he said, sounding quite sure about himself. “I’m fine with going with you, Hero!” he exclaimed. “I promise not to let any of you down!” he concluded before puffing up his chest and making his way through the door with you.
Of course, he stopped at the side before allowing you in first and you happily took the lead, making sure that you were the first one to face any of the challenges that could have awaited ahead of you.
When you passed through the threshold, you saw the beautifully ornate tomb. The dark black sarcophagus was covered in decorations in a similar fashion to the rest of the most beautiful work scattered all around the rest of the pyramid.
“Wow!” He exclaimed as the door slammed shut behind you. “Now what?” he looked at you curiously, “What do we do now?” You realized that at this point, he would have had just as many answers as you had- which of course was none. You had no idea what was lying within that tomb and you had no idea what would have happened when you finally made that discovery.
“Well…” You started, “What’s left, I suppose!” Shrugging your shoulders, you approached the sarcophagus and opened it. The shining blue light completely engulfed your body as you leaned in to grab the mystical fabrics buried deep within. You instantly realized what that was- your next transformation.
Apparently, the team was after the same thing you were after, you just had to figure out how to separate the goods and isolate your prize for yourself- whether or not you had decided yet what you planned on doing with it.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 20 February 2022

The end (for now)

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