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Once Gasson's heart stopped pounding, he turned to measure the fence. The one barrier between them and many cool buildings lacked even barbed wire on the top. An easy obstacle to climb.


While the boys were busy helping Pammy hustle over Daniel used a nearby try to spring off across to the other side. Only the tail plopping among the dead grass made any noise from her crouched landing. It would be a long time before she did not become amazed by her own acrobatics.


"Stop being such a show-off!" Pammy grunted as she finally scaled the peak to shuffle down to join Daniel.


The young Renamon could only shrug with a sheepish smirk. "Hard to do when I'm programmed for it, right?"


The boys made it over with less trouble. David brushed past Daniel to overlook the green painted buildings just yards away. Made it obvious he would be the one to ask what everyone was thinking.


"Wow, there's a lot more buildings to cover than those bastards said. So the dare was to take selfies inside the labs, right?"


"Yeah, I'm pretty sure just the labs." Pammy nodded, but then frowned in a way that twisted Daniel's stomach. "Which building is that?"


David's eyes swept across the group as he gave a sad chuckle. Apparently, that was a question no one thought to ask when it was practical. "We'll have to split up, or we could be fumbling around here all day. Dad's going to kill me for this as is."


"Likewise," muttered Gasson.


Daniel shuddered at a sudden breeze drifting across her tail. "Am I the only asshat here that thinks going Scooby-Doo is the worst idea right now?"


"Yup!" David's tone suddenly turned very chipper while he whirled to face everyone properly. Jerking a thumb to Daniel, he added, "So who wants to be Denise's 'Shaggy?'"


Written by DesmondFallout on 22 October 2018


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