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Dan groaned slightly as she tried to get to her feet. Coordinating her body did not seem to be as hard as it should be, an instinctual understanding of how to control her limbs had been granted to her somehow, but it was still strange and confusing.


She settled down on her haunches looking at her friends. Her tauric body had left her standing a little taller than before; she must have been a few inches over six feet but given how large she was, she had expected to be taller. She looked down and bit her lip. Her animalistic legs were responsible, her belly actually hung kind of close to the ground and her legs felt disproportionally small compared to the rest of her body.


She looked at Pammy with a sudden rush of panic “A…are you done? Is that all the questions?” It was so strange. Dan’s cheeks felt flushed, her whole body felt warm. She was deeply, deeply embarrassed by the strange fusion of intense femininity and animalistic grace she had become and yet, none of her observers reacted in any way. They all just stared blank and silent.


Pammy gave her a vacant smile but it was Jakes voice who responded somewhere from behind. “You have not finished answering the previous one”


There was a pressure from somewhere beneath her pendulous breasts and she groaned. What could possibly happen now?


She ran her hands down through her creamy fur and gasped slightly, as her fingers brushed by an addition set of nipples. They had been hidden beneath her fur and it caused a warm, pleasant tingle to flow out across her form, she could not help but rub both sets of thighs gently together trying to control the mild arousal.


The warm sensations continued to roll out as the flesh began to swell into a second set of small bumps. “Y…You cannot be serious” Dan complained softly as the flesh, silently plumped against her hands. She wasn’t exactly groping herself but she could not deny the pleasant sensations as the furry masses continued to grow.


She had to bite her lip and clench her thighs to resist releasing a small moan, as new points of radiating warmth joined the party. She quickly reached down with her hands to find a third set of swelling bumps “N…no…no, no, no” she shook her head, cheeks suffused red, trying to deny what was happening to her.


The universe ignored her pleas and her second set of breasts finished swelling until they were just a little smaller than her first. The third completed shortly after, again, slightly smaller than the second, though, still a shade larger than Pammys. Her shirt had given up trying to contain her new sextet of boobs and the bottom two sat uncovered, though the thick, fluffy fur, left them snowy mounds with only the slightest bulge where her nipples hid beneath.


“A…Are we done now?” Dan pleaded, breathy and panting a little. What was wrong with him? Why was part of him getting so excited by all of this?

Illustrated by rain soaked puppy

Written by foxyscribe on 16 May 2017


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