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There's no reason to refuse the food, and you eat this time, snagging your portion and dragging it back to the corner that you have set up in. A part of you wants to explore the cave where the males retreat. It seems like there are creature comforts in there, and warmth. Connection -- your mind is telling you that you want that connection, even though everything else about you is still attempting to rebuke your newfound circumstances, and refusing to allow yourself to cave in to those needs.
Biology, it seems, has another idea entirely.
You don't know what's happening at first -- your eyes glance up to the lights above you, to the heaters and air conditioners that they have carefully placed around the enclosure to ensure that it is climate controlled.
Nothing has changed, as far as you can tell, but you're hot. It burns beneath your skin and makes a lot groan spill out of your throat. It makes you shift uncomfortably on your haunches, makes the breath catch in your chest until you're not sure that you can inhale around it.
You have no idea where this sensation has come from, but it forces you to get up from your position that you've so carefully guarded and take a step forward.
The motion makes the fire that was pooling in your body flame to life, and for a moment the sensation steals your breath away. You've never felt anything like this before, and your mind can't seem to wrap around what's happening to you. It doesn't know what the instincts running through your body are, but your feet start to carry you towards the cavern.
The males are waiting there.
You stop then; it takes all of the strength that you have to do so, but you bring your feet to a halt. You take a deep breath, and it does nothing to quench the flames that are roaring through you, the need that is so strong that it makes your wings flex and the strength of them actually propels you forward another inch.

Written by Karlyene on 16 October 2020


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