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Born from a line of American Indians, his Christian name is Frederik but his family and friends nicknamed him Flip since the age of five. Because of his skin color, he has been the prey of discrimination for a great deal of his life, but never gave up on his heritage because of that and ambitions to become a shaman like his grandfather.


He lives true to his name. Flip isn’t a bad person, but he is an opportunist, one that wouldn’t hesitate before doing what needs to be done in order to survive. He lives in the moment and always chooses what seems the best course of action as he advances. It is very hard for him to stick with a plan that doesn’t make sense to him. In real, Native name, fits him well, for he does change his mind quite often.


He is physically fit, as he takes pride in not sinking into the American cliché of the fat white man on the opposite of the kids that used to bully him. His native blood is obvious when you look at him as he has dark skin, black eyes and hair. He isn’t very tall but he is bulky in nature and definitely strong. He is in his early twenties but sometimes feel that he is mentally much older, especially after all he went through.


He was travelling in Europe with his grandpa to assist him in giving a seminar on shamanism when the invasion began. Finding refuge with a group of gypsies and under the protective wing of a homeless man, they hid in the metro under Paris and survived there without having the Radiniri suspect so much as their existence. Life is harsh with for the unlikely band of misfits, but at least they live.

Written by Clayem on 15 April 2016

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