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You'd rather not risk the stairway leading into the dark abyss; the brightly-lit gentle slope on your right seems a much safer bet. As you ascend, you see the walls dominated by carvings of humans... at first. The more you progress upward, however, the more the walls seem to display images of beasts with the head of a human and body of a lion. Eventually, you come to the top of the slope, and enter into a small chamber filled with torchlight; at the opposite end of the chamber is a heavy stone door with a golden sphinx bust on it. Before you can wonder how to open the door, a voice booms, seemingly from the sphinx:


I am the keeper of the way,
The guardian of this ancient gate.
Traveler, heed what I say
Or you will meet an altered fate.
Answer the riddle I will ask
And answer as well as you can
For if you fail this simple task,
Then no more will you walk as man!
The more there is, the less you see,
Squint all you like when within me.


What am I?


You take in the riddle for a moment, and wrack your brain to think of the answer. You know this one...

Written by CoggerD on 14 October 2023


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