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A small yelp escapes you as you reach to the white robes and staff of the Priestess class that caught your eye, finding that your hand is passing through the screen. Before you can pull it back, a gentle force grips your arm and pulls you through. Your other hand instinctively goes to your face to protect it as its pulled toward the screen, protecting you from the sudden flash of light that occurs as you’re pulled through.


Bewildered, you glance around furiously as you find yourself in an unfamiliar building. The walls are mostly white, the room brightened up even more by the sunlight streaming in through the painted glass windows around the room. You appear to be standing in an aisle between several rows of wooden benches, all currently unoccupied. One end of the aisle ends in a set of heavy looking wooden doors, while the other leads up to an altar with a shallow pool of water in front of it. Despite the sudden and strange surroundings, you can’t help but relax a little in this place.


“Are you ready, child?” Any alarm you feel at the arrival of an unknown voice is quickly diminished when you see the smiling bear it belongs to. The black furred woman gently rests a firm paw on your shoulder as she looks down at you, wearing a similar looking set of robes like the ones you reached for earlier. Despite her massive size, you feel only warmth and care coming from her as she gently guides you toward the pool of water at the head of the aisle.


Despite the lack of any visible source of heat, the water feels warm as you gently step into the smooth stone pool. Still, a small shiver runs through your naked form, something that’d you’d forgotten about for the moment. The saintly bear has either failed to notice it herself or is simply unbothered by it as she reaches for a cup attached to a long wooden handle. She guides you to kneel in the pool as she begins to scoop water up from the pool and gently pour it over you.


“Much as water cleanses the body, this water blessed by the Holy Mother shall cleanse your soul.” She explains. “There is much evil in the world that needs to be cleansed, and goodness that needs to be defended. You shall be the Holy Mother’s light in the world, whether it be providing comfort and compassion to the good or purifying the land of evil.”


The bear now speaks in a chant as she continues to pour the water over you, and you begin to notice a subtle difference in yourself. It isn’t something that can easily be described or explained; you simply feel a sense of peace and purpose you’ve never had before. The years you’ve spent reading over the Holy Mother’s texts and teachings are suddenly coming into focus, allowing her holy power to channel through you. Even as your more logical mind recognizes that it doesn’t know who the Holy Mother even is, you know you are a devout priestess of her. A piece of her power now flows through you, allowing you to heal the wounded with a touch, provide both physical and magical protection through the shield of your faith, and banish those who seek to do evil.


“Arise, child.” As you take your feet again, the motherly bear is standing outside the pool holding open a set of white robes. With a smile and a word of thanks, you step toward her and let her place them upon your nude form. She advises you that you’ll need to find more suitable traveling clothes once your journey begins as you button up, but now she presents to you a staff. The actual staff is simple polished wood, but the blazing sun ornament that sits atop it. The sun glows dimly as you grip the staff, feeling your divine power being focused onto it. You understand instinctively that this staff will help you focus the Holy Mother’s will even more strongly than you could on your own.


“Go in peace, child, and shine the Holy Mother’s light across all the land.” With a solemn nod, you turn toward the double doors to begin your holy work…


Written by LunaMoonstone on 07 January 2017

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