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You run your hand across the soft fur on your face then down your neck giving your new tender breast a small poke letting out a small gasp of shock knowing they were definitely real. You run your hands down the sides of your upper abdominal down to your wide beautiful hips; your hands drift back to your firm plump feminine rear. You extend your right leg pointing your toes to the ground admiring the slight black stripes on auburn orange fur. You look down and realize that the manhood that was between your legs is now gone and replaced by a more feminine organ.
You smile in astonishment at the amazing jungle full of lush green plants, vibrant colored flowers, and the bright blue sky is cleared revealing the bright light of the beautiful sunlight shine down on you. You walk forward listening to the beautiful chirping of the birds as they flew overhead; their communication is like a song to your ears which twitch happily. You walk for hours reaching a cliff to sit down and watch the sun descended from the sky into the horizon turning the sky into a kaleidoscope of colors.
"This is so...amazing." You say as the sun finishes it's decent.
The blue sky faded to black letting the bright moon glow over the jungle which fell silent except for the sound of crickets chirping sweetly. You get up to your feet and turn around seeing a broad male figure; it is another tiger, a male one , chiseled muscles over a lean slender form with nothing left to the imagination. You gasp as he walks over to you until he is just inches away. His hand rises up to your face softly caressing your cheek making you jump slightly in both astonishment and joy. He leans in closer to you making you shiver in anticipation as your slowly shut your eyes.

Written by lyncanid on 09 February 2015

He is lonely

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