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You thought about it, and realized that it would be the best to do some research into this, just so you could have an upper hand of what your product means to you, and your future customers. With your unlimited internet access, you figured it couldn’t be that hard to find some credible sources. Soon after you found the perfect Wiki article, providing you with just enough information to produce your own brand of synthetic skin.
“Collagen? I know of that!” Actually, you didn’t seem to know much about it, it seemed to be one of those pieces of knowledge inherited with your suit. Of course a female German Shepard would know a bit about this material, assuming you also knew quite a bit about makeup and beauty products. “I think…” you looked around the room for a moment, and when you finally looked into your cabinet yet again, you found exactly what you were looking for.
A lotion bottle labeled “collagen” and your eyes instantly lit up with happiness. It didn’t take you long to begin the process of growing skin grafts, and by the end of the night you had finally collected enough skin cells to produce a decent product. That same night you set up your online store, and within hours you were able to make your first few sales.
It all went smoothly at first, but before long the sales were totaling up. Yes, you had enough money to do whatever you wanted, but now you were swamped with the enormous load of work you had to do. Realizing all you had done so far was growing skin made you dread what was next. You still had to craft suits together thereafter; it wasn’t very hard, but you had stretched yourself just as thin as the skin itself.
You spent the whole night working on your pieces and the morning after you sent them out. And now you were able to begin your actual journey.

Written by Driftingdragon on 21 June 2021

The end (for now)

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