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You put on a leopard costume.


First thing you notice is that you're growing orange hair with black spots on it all over your body. Then your head reshapes into a leopard's head. Soon you feel very muscular. Then your spine begins to lengthen and you sprout a tail. Your hands begin to expand and your nails grow longer and sharper. You also see that your toes have fused together, making 3 toes on each foot, all of them having long, sharp nails. Your clothes begin ripping as you take on the powerful leopard form. But for some reason you're still able to stand up on your hind legs, only having to crouch a bit.


<span class="male">Soon your chest begins to expand and you begin to grow huge breasts.


You also notice that your groin has become somewhat smooth. You realise that you have become a female Human/Leopard Hybrid</span>


</spanFullTF> You realise that you have become a Human/Leopard Hybrid


Written by Shape_Shifta on 24 March 2007


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