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Suddenly you feel a strange tingling sensation all over you. You roll up one of your sleeves and look at your arm. Tiny tawny strands of fur are shooting out of your skin at a rapid rate. You pull off your shirt to get a better look. The fur is spreading quickly over your upper body. You run your hands through it and shiver at the strange sensation.


Then, you feel the same feeling in your legs. Shrugging, you take off your pants as well, and see the same fur over your legs. All of a sudden, a tail bursts out of your backside, with a long-furred tuft at the end. Then, your elbows and legs reverse position, and you are forced down to all fours. You see your hands reshaping into paws, and you feel your face push out into a muzzle. A small mane forms around your neck, and you shrink down to an adolescent lion size.



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Written by on 09 March 2007

The end (for now)
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