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Thinking on your toes, you quickly swooped to the ground and grabbed a handful of smaller rocks before flying high up again. One by one, you threw them from your grasps, trying to even flap your wings hard enough for them to gain speed. Alas, all it did was slow the beast slightly as the hard pebbles bounced off of its thick coat. “Dang it!” You spat at yourself moments before spotting an even larger rock nearby. You steeled your mind for the exhaustion you’d feel afterwards yet the adrenaline pumping through your veins didn’t even allow you to think twice about how much you were pushing your body. All you could do was act.
With all your might, you flapped as hard as you could to lift the rock with your powerful muscles, despite how difficult it was to stabilize yourself in the air. It only took a few extra flaps for you to reach an optimal height to drop it. Your eyes were blurry, the darkness spreading across the land cast long dark shadows of the trees all around the floor of the thick jungle foliage. The only thing lighting your path was the occasional flash of your team’s barrels as they periodically shot into the darkness. Of course, most of them missed- unable to see the beast, now only a few yards away from them.
You aimed the rock directly above the Tiger’s body, grunting loudly before you released the heavy weight. Your flapping wings nearly carried you even higher as the weight was released. You could feel the recoil shooting through you as you watched the rock descend quickly. “Yes!” You thought to yourself right as the rock landed directly on top of the tiger.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 30 December 2021

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