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You shut your eyes as you continue to walk. Ignoring the sounds around you as you let other senses lead you along. As well as that tugging feeling you felt in your heart. As if a string had been tied around it and now the other end was being pulled. Your feet pounded against the forest floor, it suddenly felt like it was harder to walk. Your lungs struggled and you opened your eyes. The wind swirling around you - as you looked behind you say the stallion from before. Casually walking towards you as you tried to calm your sense of panic.


“Turn back while you can.” He hissed. “You will be damned if you go that far. The end of your journey is near.” The stallion seemed more angry with you then before. You turned to him and raised your small wings. Glaring at him as you were filled with a sense of need. That castle was a holy place it was not evil. If you could reach it you would move on with your life - you could move onto the next world.
“I will not, leave me now.” You yelled as you turned and started to run. Your hooves pounding against the forest floor as the wind began to become more wild. You forced yourself to continue though, there was nothing in this world that would stop you now. You only have a few more days left before it would have been two weeks spent in this world. That was far too long, as far as you were concerned. If you got to the next world there were new adventures to await you and also the possibility of finding your way out of this limbo like state.


Once you knew you were a good distance away, you started to slow down. Breathing heavily as you brought in air and exhaled it. Where you had stopped the tree’s broke out and revealed a large lake. Your eyes widened, the air around you had stopped howling and this place seemed a lot more peaceful than the last. You took a deep breath and exhaled it gratefully. Shutting your eyes for a moment as you smiled, wandering over to the edge of the lake to look at your reflection. At a time like this you had almost forgotten that you were human. Lowering your head to take a drink from the lake.


Your ears flicked to the sounds of birds flying around in the trees and above you. Lifting your head as another group of horses came into sight. This time you were a bit more on guard, eyes narrowing as you tried to see if any of them were unwelcome. The group of three didn’t seem threatening. A white and brown horse - a white stallion and another gray dappled stallion. They were walking close by to each other and when the dappled stallion saw you he beckoned you with a hoof to the ground.


Written by Rivaxorus on 07 June 2017

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