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“If I can maybe help, it’s worth just going along. Whatever is happening to me will be fixed in time,” Dan decides, giving a nod to the little girl.


“Yay! Mommy will be saved!” The girl shouted ecstatically, leading him eagerly down the block to her home. She let herself in and Dan followed along, feeling odd entering this stranger’s home, but she’s just a little girl? What’s the harm?


She winds through a otherwise dark home until they stand in front of a closed bedroom door. “Momma?” she murmured, knocking gently. A faint greeting came from inside before the young guide let him into the sleeping area. On the bed, hooked to a bedside IV, lay an obviously frail woman who gasped at the sight of the unicorn.


“Mommy! I brought you a savior!” The little girl eagerly explained, ushering Dan over to the bed where again, bending, he offered the horn for touching. This time, the woman let her palm slide against the cool surface for several seconds before she gave a sudden gasp. “Oh!” Her voice, before so faint and weak, came out with an actual impact. Her skin began to warm to a rosy shade of pink.


“Did that actually work?” Dan thought, suddenly hearing his voice aloud, or so he thought, but then he realized it came from the doorway where the father of the family had just entered, a lab coat still hugging his frame. “This is a miracle!” he gasped, looking at Dan for a second before he lunged forward. “I’ll finally be able to devise a cure!”


“What? Daddy, no!” Dan heard the girl shout before, like before, his world went black.


When Dan’s eyes flicker open there’s light beaming down at him. There’s several masked figures, all gloved and with lab coats fluttering down to their knees. “Sir, I think we’ve collected all we can from the horn-” came a voice to his side.


“Then, continue with the dissection.”


Hesitation showed the the technician’s voice.“Sir?”


“Would you rather cure cancer or your concience?” The scientist responded, coldly, and with a smooth slice, Dan felt everything drop away. In his last moments, his thoughts raced back to that little girl full of hope and he just wished he could see that mother and daughter out playing instead of these bright lights.


Then, it was dark.

Written by Picklessauce69 on 27 April 2016

The end (for now)
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