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Of a vivid ochre, it reminded him of a fox fur, a coincidence that he appreciated, but it was still was mysterious to him. Perhaps those that captured him took their inspiration from the tail they took from him, thus explaining why it shared the same color pattern...
Scratching himself more, he felt more of his skink flake away, as if the rhythm of the mutation was accelerating, a prospect that was terrifying him; he wanted to stay sane, to keep his personality, but he knew that there was a chance that he could lose all of it when it would be over...
The pulsation in his legs stopped, making him look; he could see that the muscles didn't get bigger as he expected to be. Perhaps his prognostic was wrong, for panic must have clouded his judgement; it was quite understandable, after all, for he was still struggling with the effects of combined toxins attacking him.
Touching his leg, he could feel that the muscles were in fact denser, as if they were made to be more resistant and stronger; what would be the point of giving him this advantage? He wasn't angry that it was happening to him, but he couldn't understand the purpose behind it, for his arms didn't get the same treatment, although he felt that the muscle did get firmer a bit...
As he was trying to understand what was happening, the itching that affected him seemed to have got a boost, for now his skin wanted to burst open, unable to resist the pressure that was exerted on it.
Scratching himself, he could feel relief as more fur was revealed with his action, making him wonder if he would have to strip his entire skin to feel free. It was worth a try, though; the feeling of freedom and the cessation of the irritation was more than enough for him to do such a thing.
However, as he was about to indulge in his plan, he felt some areas of his skin burst open, as if the chemicals that roamed in his bloodstream were powerful enough to skip the phase where they needed his intervention to move forward with their progression.
He as he observed patches of fur appear on his legs and arm, he wondered if they would cover his entire body; after all, they were progressing a rapid pace, one that he wasn't able to control nor to predict.
Holding his head in his hands, he waited a moment, wondering what was going to happen next, when he felt a sudden pain in his legs, as if someone decided to hit him with a crowbar. He had the impression that someone was smashing his bones, splitting them in pieces, but as he was still able to stand up, he knew that it wasn't the case... yet. He wasn't sure that it wouldn't be the truth for long, though, for it was possible that the injections could have rendered his bones brittle, thus causing this incredible pain.
Before it would worsen, he needed to lay down, to avoid further injuries; but before doing so, he decided to take his clothes off, for the rubbing of his shirt and pants over his sensitive skin was driving him mad. Giving himself a quick look, he could observe that the fur patches were connecting, as if he was wearing a fur coat now. A coat he wasn't able to remove though, as he tried to pull on it, only to yelp in pain; this was now his skin, or the element that replaced, although he had the impression that there was skin under it...
Lying on the bed, he could feel that the excruciating pain that was in his legs was now spreading to his arms; turning on his back, he hoped that it would stop on its own, before it would cause permanent damage to him.
But when he started hearing cracking sounds, as if the bones were rupturing, he starting losing faith in that thought; but the bones weren't just breaking, they were also reshaping, for he could feel that his leg was taking a different angle and getting longer.
However, the pain was clouding his judgement, thus it was possible for all of it to be a mere illusion. As he tried to snap out of it, he felt an incredible pain in his backside, as if something wanted to emerge from it.
Pressing his hands on the site of the pain, he could feel that there was indeed something that wanted to get out of his lower backside, as a part of his bone and muscles were starting to outgrow his normal body configuration.
Trying to figure out what it was, he was assaulted with an incredible pain in his skull, one that nearly made him cry for it was unbearable. He wondered how long he would have to stand such a punishment before it would end...
As the thought crossed his mind, another syringe plunged into his arm, not surprising him anymore; was it to accelerate the process, or to induce another transformation? Either way, he knew that his nightmare wasn't over...
But as he started to feel weaker, he realized that it was made to immobilize him, so the rest would go without interruption; he could see the bland darkness closing in, as he gave in to sweet slumber that he was granted.
``Test subject was drugged for humane reason, to avoid unnecessary suffering. Transformation will continue while it rests'' said the disembodied voice, the lights turning off as some whirling noises could be heard in the background...

Written by zanian on 08 October 2014

Both A kitsune vixen

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