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"My life wasn't that of a typical upbringing" you gave them a moment to react; a quick scan of their faces showed you that they were becoming invested. "Ya see, I lived my life in a family.. of thrives!" You manipulated them with your body language, quickly moving and making the smaller of the two jump slightly in fear.
"Well that's unheard of!" The woman said.
"You're right, bandits are usually associated with solo jobs, but my family was huge… spanned for generations. And yet we still did our thievery in the most covert way we knew how" they remained completely affixed on you, and even the hulking, muscular, anthro giant's chains rattled as he looked your slender skunktaur body up and down. Shocked by the unbelievable nature of your story, your confidence turned their minds in circles the way you recounted your past. "We took from bout every'n in the Midland kingdom, but they never knew it. Our expanse was so large, defined, an' organized that we had people simply begging to be robbed." Their puzzled expressions signaled you to continue. "But as you know, the bigger you are, the harder you fall."
"Is that so." A guard said, butting into the conversation. You and the others were silent. “Since you’re such a talkative bunch, we think we’ll send you to the hard laboring section of the compound.” The guard continued in the same serious tone as earlier. Everyone looked at you angrily.

Written by Driftingdragon on 05 October 2020

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