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Like always, there was only one way to find out. Jared laid the suit out belly-down on the tree roots and saw that the zipper was on the back this time, starting at the root of the tail and going all the way up to the front of the hood, bisecting it. Makes sense. Would be a pain in the ass getting it on with this body if it was in the front. He pinched the zipper tab and pulled it all the way down to the tail. It took some careful maneuvering to get in position over top of it so that his hind legs could fall into their sleeves. The forelegs followed, and he pulled the suit up so that it loosely hung around his bottom half. It took some reaching, but he was able to get a grip on the zipper again and start pulling it up his back. Next, he slid his arms into the torso sleeves, cringing a little as that fake skin texture bounced and wobbled about his fur. Once that was all the way on he pulled the zipper all the way up to the hood and flipped it over his head, completing the liontaur (or whatever the hell it was). Then a thought crossed him. Maybe I should’ve waited to go home first before I-


Shoomp! Too late. The suit sunk into his body, triggering the transformation. There wasn’t much to change this time, at least not with his feline features. The lion skin covering his tiger body simply shrank around that part of him, replacing those many manly stripes with a flat canvas of lion blonde. The musculature and skeleton stayed the same shape, albeit they became slightly smaller. The real changes happened with his upper half. The hood sank around the shape of his cranium like always and began melting across his visage, absorbing it down to the snout. His beefy tiger paws were taken as well, and for a brief moment he thought he would be able to keep their impressive size.


That did not prove to be the case. Across his body was that sudden squeezing sensation like his skin was becoming too tight. It sank into his muscles, kickstarting a rapid deflation of that awesome physique into what was much more human in size. Jared gritted and grunted through the discomfort. A sound like stretching rubber hummed in his ears. Looking at his arms he saw their build become lither, the many tendons and sinews growing more stark. What replaced it was olive-tan skin, perfectly hairless and with a soft glow in the sunlight. A sense of touch floated to the surface, giving him gooseprickles and making him shiver in the open air of the forest. The last of his transformation came when an intense pressure jammed itself into his face, reducing his snout back into a flat human face and making him clench his jaw against the pain.


The transformation ended once his snout was done flattening. All said and done, he didn’t feel terribly different than when he was a tiger except for the chills on his bare torso, a feeling he hadn’t gone through sense his time as a human. He looked at his arms again, then down at where his torso met his lion body. The smooth human skin transitioned into the furrier lion section smoothly. Looking over his shoulder he saw the rest of it standing there amongst the tree roots, his proud lion tail wagging about lazily. Next, he put a hand on his head and felt the soft, long locks that hung from his scalp. Human hair. Weird. Why does it feel so soft?


And there were his wings to worry about. While flexing his legs beneath him they swung out into their full breadth with an incredible whoosh. Jared ducked, thinking that a bird had swooped on him from the trees. He looked behind him and saw those two majestic wings at full spread. They twitched and flexed at his command, being connected right below the part of him where the lion and human sections faded into each other. Muscles he’d never commanded before were hidden in his bottom half. They would flex and contract wildly as he tested them, throwing his wings into a flurry around him. Stop! Stop! Stop! He relaxed, and the two wings slowed to a stop while pointed straight up in the air above him. Muscle memory. Muscle memory. Chill out. Sure enough, the two wings folded down on the flanks of his lion half, resembling that of an eagle at rest. “Whoa,” huffed Jared, smiling. Will I be able to fly with these things? Or am I too heavy?

Written by TheGreatJaceyGee on 04 June 2024

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