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His arm burned once more; the flesh that surrounded the injection wound seems to have swollen up, for when he passed a hand on it, the texture was different from what he remembered. It almost gave him the impression that his arm hairs were growing denser; perhaps it was a fever that caused that illusion in his mind, although he was still lucid.
As he was lost in his thought, passing his hand frantically on his forearm, he felt another stinging, in the back of his neck. Like the other one, he barely had time to see what stung him before it retracted into the wall, leaving him perplexed. What was the purpose of the mysterious injections? And why did his arm itch so much, as if something was growing on it?
Curious about his arm, he removed his shirt, only to discover that he shouldn't have done it in the first place, for he wanted his mind to be at peace; now, he had reason to be worried and to give in to panic, as pointless as it could seem to be.
Where is skin used to be, there was now some strange substance covering it, as if some sort of exotic disease told hold of his body. He needed to know what it was, before fear would take over his mind and make him freak out over it; passing his hand over it again, he could feel that it was soft under his fingertips.
He had the impression to touch fur, but that was impossible; humans didn't have fur on their body. All they had were mere body hair, not that soft and dense pelt that was covering a part of his forearm. Maybe he was just hallucinating, but if he was, then his mind had more power than he ever imagined. It seems so real; it was golden brown, the same color he could have expected from a lion or a feline of a certain size.
He tried to pull it away, only to make himself grimace in pain; it was real, a consequence of the injection he received not so long ago. And it was spreading; located on and around the wound a moment ago, it was all over his forearm, itching and burning it way throughout his skin.
It wasn't the only thing he was feeling, thought; he could feel his arm muscle being torn apart, as if the presence of the fur was transforming his inner biology. Perhaps it was, but why was it so painful? He wished he had a way to either dull the pain or knock himself out...
A shock send him on the ground; this time, he could feel his back burning, as the sensation was spreading everywhere in his body. It was accelerating; the eruption of the fur sped up the process and destroyed the resistance that the body could have placed against it in the first place, making the process faster.
He could feel his entire skin burning up, as if he was on fire; he wanted to scream, to howl in pain, but he knew that it would be pointless. He needed to conserve his energy until it would be over, but since he wasn't sure it would ever finish before he would die, he wasn't sure if it was worth it or not. But he needed to hang on the idea, until the pain would go away, so he would see what was reserved for him.
As he was on the ground, trying to cope with the sensation of his skin melting away, being replaced with a dense fur, he could hear his bones cracks, reshaping into a different form than his original form.
He looked at his arm for a moment, trying to focus on it; it wasn't a human arm, for the ratio of muscles and bones weren't the same anymore. But he could see his hand at the end, making him wonder if he was a test, to see if the product had potential in close future.
As he looked, he had the feeling that he spoke too soon, as he could see his nails elongate, turning slowly into claws. As he looked closer, bearing with the burning pain, he could see that his digits were getting the same treatment, but at the same time they were bulking up a bit, as if they were supposed to be used for something else than their normal usage.
When he felt a sharp pain in his back, as if something wanted to escape it, he knew that he wouldn't be able to stand this situation very long, for the pain was getting unbearable. When he heard the skin of his back rip apart, his mind went blank and he fell on the ground, welcoming the hard, stainless ground as his resting place...
``What is happening to me?'' were his last thoughts, as darkness took over, giving him a moment of respite, as the chemicals in this body continued their work, altering him toward an obscure goal.
``The subject is showing a remarkable assimilation of the serum; results are superiors to what was expected. Subject will be monitored closely, before the second part of the experiment will go on'' said the metallic voice, as the lights went off.

Written by zanian on 13 August 2014

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