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You nod and the two of you walk into the forge where the first thing to hit your sharper sense of smell is the smell of sweat, metal, and charcoal. You shake your head and try to clear your nose as you watch one of the blacksmiths slams a hammer down onto a metal breastplate he's forging. You watch him for a bit then the master blacksmith coughs, and leads you to the back where a simple piece of metal is waiting. He points at it and motions for you to sit down. You do so slowly then he picks it up and turns it through the light showing you it's a piece of iron.
He then starts heating up the forge and says simply "I want you to pound this flat, we'll go from there, don't worry about slag or anything else, just pound it flat for now." You nod and do as he asks after picking up a five pound hammer. It takes you about ten minutes the bar turns cherry red and you start to pound it into a flat square of iron. You grab the tongs and quench it in a barrel of water next to the forge then go back to pounding it out until it turns into a thin square of metal. The forge master walks over and studies it then nods and says simply "Good job. Now for something a little bit harder." He takes you and points you at five pieces of iron together then says "Find a way to forge those into a usable sword."

Written by Jake Shadow Wolf on 28 February 2013

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