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The water starts to seep in through the gaps in the doors, changing everything that it touches. The walls becoming coral as you watch.


The dripping from the roof touches your skin, flowing out in a scale pattern with each drop spreading the change further. As you try and find a dry space, the puddles grow even larger. Eventually, you try and climb onto a couch to get above the level of the water only to find the foam release water all over your feet the moment you put pressure on it. The water flows up your legs merging them into a single fish-scale covered tail.


No longer able to support the rest of your body you topple forward into the water. Luckily for you the transformation seems to want you to remain human up top. However unlucky for you you are not remaining male.


It seems you have been turned into a mermaid. The rest of your house also has finished it’s transformation. While you can still see the outline of the house, it now appears to be made of coral. The lights are a more natural in source, coming off a glowing coral that is now a part of your house. Clearly, there is no way to turn them off.


Written by Catprog + Locke Miller on 09 April 2018

The end (for now)

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