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The path Erin chose is a winding one, but, it doesn’t seem to be quite as narrow to travel through, you notice - and you’re relieved at this, for sure. But your heart is racing in your chest, pounding feverishly due to the fact you have no clue what the hell you’re going to run into when you get further into the cave.


‘This is stupid,’ you think to yourself. ‘This is stupid, this is so, so stupid…’


But you don’t stop. You keep hopping through the darkness, and as you trek further in, you hear noises - the noises of padded feet and sniffing and possibly growling. These grow louder and louder with every passing second, and you brace yourself for the trouble you expect you’ll be meeting pretty quickly.


Soon, you finally come upon a large opening into the cave, and you see them at long last: the dingo you’ve been hearing and fleeing from. At a distance, they appear hunched over, bathed in shadow with only their outline being visible to your eyes. But you can hear them sniffing about and grumbling something low, only to watch them stop and shoot their attention to you.


You realize now, rather quickly in fact, that the dingo is not a normal animal, but rather, someone like you and Erin - a human who put on a costume that has transformed them into a dingo-human hybrid. Said hybrid stands upright on its hind legs and stalks toward you slowly, with glowing yellow eyes.


Its physique is more feminine given the curves its hips possess, and the faint outline of what appear to be breasts, although fur covers them. And as it nears you, you see the details of their facial features more clearly - their features are also feminine, which to you means a woman found a female costume.


“So you’re the one that was hopping around in there,” the dingo says, and though her accent is noticeably Australian, it’s a much softer, fainter accent. What sets her voice apart is how low and raspy it sounds, painting her tone with a menacing air. “I smelled you in there, but that tight squeeze was far too much of a nuisance for me to get in any further.”


She stops in front of you and you can tell she’s not one to trifle with; her build is lean, yet she has wiry muscle, and with those gleaming canine eyes and the sharp teeth (as in, every tooth is pointed in a fang), you are already second-guessing your decision to come down this path the way you did.


“You were lucky before,” she continues. “But coming down this way was right stupid of you. Why would you come TO the jaws of death when you knew I was there? Not the smartest choice to be making there, mate. You should’ve kept quiet and hidden, not come toward me like a moth to the proverbial flames.”


‘Too late now, though,’ you think, and you sigh internally at the fact she’s not wrong. But oh well. “Why are you chasing after us?”


The dingo woman cocks her head to the side without answering at first. She seems like she’s studying you, and you wince at the feral look in her eyes. You recall what Erin told you, and recall the rules about how if someone dies in a costume, they get sent back to the start and have to pick a new one again.


‘Please don’t let that be the case,’ you think.


“You must be new, mate,” she replies, cocking an eyebrow at you. “This is the law of the land in this crazy world. ‘Course, it’s all a matter of luck what choices you get when you go through those doors, but, that’s a given.” She pauses. “You look confused. What, you stupid or something?”


“No,” you reply. “I just don’t see why you’d feel the need to act like an animal and come chasing after someone. What’s the point?”


She shakes her head. “I chose a dingo costume, you daft poofter. That means I’m a predator, and if I wanna survive, I have to eat. And in case your shit brain didn’t put two and two together, wild dingoes eat ‘roos like you and that bitch friend of yours.”


“So…?” you say. “I don’t get what that has to do with you chasing us.”


“Do you not realize what you’re wearing?” she asks, gesturing to you. “And do you not realize what I’M wearing? See how that works? I’m on the top of the food chain in this situation, and you’re ON the food chain for me? Yeah?”


You blink a few times. So she’s intending to eat or kill you, it seems. That’s enough to strike a nervous ripple through your whole body, and you feel your legs quiver slightly. You can’t move, though, whether because you’re paralyzed in fear or because you’re just stuck in not knowing what to do now.


She smirks and turns to look over her shoulder, then bellows out. “Oi, Erin! You chose a right dumbarse to travel with! Don’t think I won’t come after you next, you simpering twat, but first I’m dealing with your mate!”


‘She knows Erin?’ you think.


But that isn’t exactly important, because she did just say out loud that she was going to eat you. And that… well, that isn’t going to happen, not if you have anything to say about it.


She turns back to you and bares her row of sharp, sharp teeth, and you try to figure out what you can do - you’re not exactly a fighter by any means, least of all someone that’s ever fought with a human hybrid in a superhuman costume. Yet as your brain sprints into fight or flight mode, you realize something: Erin said that you’ve been granted the abilities of the costume, and when you think about all you know regarding kangaroos and what they’re most known for…


“Now then, snack,” the dingo woman says as she takes a step toward you. “Why don’t you make this more fun for me and squirm a little, eh? Or are you so dense and clueless that you aren’t even willing to do that much for me?”


"Shut up!” you snap.


She recoils slightly, taken aback by the fact you just shouted at a dingo, or maybe because she didn’t expect you to raise your voice at her. You don’t know the reason, nor do you really care, because as your mind is spinning, you have two different choices you could do in order to handle this problem.


You can try to fight, and you aren’t really trained for that kind of thing, or, you can try to talk her down, either in some hope that Erin might show up to help you or to try and reason with this woman by appealing to some shred of her humanity. You’re not sure either would really work, but, you don’t have the time to mull over these decisions for very long - so which do you choose?

Written by Hollowpage on 06 September 2020

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