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“Yes.” You choose to play along. Hoping that by doing so you can survive this strange, and you'll omit scary situation. “I was mad, and took it out on you.” You tell him the truth, “I'm idiot, and I'm sorry.” Teenagers, have the right to do something stupid right?


“Maybe, I can recommend you shop to a few people. Then we can forget all about this?” When you got your phone back. You would plaster this guys tent over every social media - if you had to. You just had to get out of there!


“You need customers, right?” You hope his mind was more business minded, than whatever was going on in the twisted bald head of his. Trying to look as endearing as possible, your heart pounds with fear. Inwardly you pray you won't make the six o'clock news. You had this. Smoke? Had to be an illusion. Your body was frozen, but surly that was a fear thing. This guy couldn't have real magic, right?


“Ha!” The bald man threw back his head in a large laugh. You watch his body shake as he laughed.


“What's so funny?” You ask, your heart dropping. Laughing, laughing could be a good thing. At least, that is what you're hoping.


“You,” his laughing stopped dead with his answer. His eyes looked you over with a slow intent, that made your skin crawl and your heart shiver. “You know what?”


“What?” You whisper. Looking him in the eyes, you keep your humble intent. Unsure on what else you could do. You were at this man's mercy.


“I think I'll keep you.” His hands waved around and the smoke started to move. Curling around you. Your eyes dart around, though your mouth was free, the rest of you was not. The moment the smoke touches you. You knew you were screwed.


“Ah!” You head and body became free from his enchantments. You can move, yes, but your body was limp and fell to the carpeted ground.


“Ah!” You back arches and your eyes roll back, your body is wrapped in a tingling sensations that was neither good no bad. Your head rolls back with the nest string of vibration you see the bald man watching you.


From a chair you don't remember being there. He just watched. Moaning with each new tumble of sensations. You can't help but contort like a cat in heat of the carpet. All the while you watch him. You watch him watch you. When his hand waved. Your clothes vanished, and when the tingling became too much. His smoke returned and encased you.


“AHH,” with a deep breath you see your new naked form. When the smoke returned to his hand, you saw not the familiar male body you had all your life, but the long lithe athletic body of a female. His chest was not the flat pecs of a teenage boy, but the small handful of a girl. One of those tough, sporty girls, that you like to watch practice when you had the chance.


“Come here,” He put his hand down, calling to you like a house cat. You raise yourself to your knees. This man held all the cards. Even ones you didn't know existed. Would you play his came and answer his call, or fight and find your own way?

Written by psto1464 on 20 May 2020

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