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You vaulted forward and drove a back-kick towards Konnor face. A disrupted spell whizzed past you, and your claws slashed the wizard’s shoulder. Konnor summoned lightning wildly as he took two steps back. You pressed forward, trying to close the distance so he wouldn’t have time for any more spells, but with a rushed incantation he threw you back against the wall, the impact stole your breath and you heard the crack of snapping ribs.
Konnor shouted another spell with panicky fury before you could regain your breath. It was as if a sledgehammer smashed into your chest. You shrieked in fury and anguish as it hurled you aside, twisting in midair, but all you could feel was the pain, and then you crashed down.
You slipped to your feet, the pain seeming to consume every inch of your body, but before the magician could throw another spell towards you, you drove your razor-sharp claws just above his kidneys. He tried to retreat, but your other hand darted forward, hitting his neck and dropping the magician to his knees.
The wizard struggled, still trying to channel more spells, but his damaged throat made it impossible to speak. You look over him and one by one you slit the spell strings that he has waved around himself, the control he had over the other students is severed, but another arcane string remains.
“Please, don’t!” He pleaded with a weak voice, coughing painfully.
“That’s a time spell, isn’t it? It’s the only thing keeping you on this moment, preventing you from being pulled back towards your own timeline.”
Konnor sighed in defeat, there was no use denying it. “Yes,” he whispered, nodding wearily. “Please… Please, don’t send me back! I can give you power, I can teach you all that I know!”
You frowned and shook your head. “You can’t escape your punishment. And even if you could, it wouldn’t do you any good.”
“I freed you! I gave you a new body, knowledge and vision much beyond a simple human!”
“You didn’t free me, I escaped!” You crossed your arms over your chest. “What makes you think I owe you anything?”
“Let’s be reasonable about this,” Konnor pleaded. “I can still change things.”

Written by ashley-natter on 29 July 2019

The end

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