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“Well, I hope you learned from that!” Bast remarks, stretching out on the couch.


“I uh, I think I did? Can we turn back to normal now?” You ask bashfully.


“What do you mean, my host? We are- ah! Your chosen form. Of course…” Bast sighs, slowly reverting your shared body back to that of a human. You instantly feel far more comfortable, back in your loose shirt and jeans.


“Thank you,” you remark, at least trying to be amicable despite the situation.


“But of course, a promise is a promise. It simply slipped my mind you are uncomfortable in my more proper form.”


“It’s not that I’m uncomfortable it’s just… this body gives me some sort of normality, something I can hold on to. If that makes any sense.”


“It does not,” Bast replies dryly, “but I do not pretend to understand the inner workings of humans, so I’ll play along for the time being.”


“Thanks…” you sigh, “So… are those poachers just stuck like that forever now? What about their family and friends? The flights they probably had scheduled? People are going to notice they’re gone, let alone the pride of sphinxes in the Serengeti!”


“Of course people will notice! I do not aim to hide my actions. The gods and goddesses of old are returning, and we do not aim to keep our actions secrets. We were worshiped and revered in the past, why not now?”


“Well, the world has changed a lot… It’s not as simple as it was back in the ancient times.”


“Are you implying being a deity was ever simple? Humans are infuriatingly confusing things, not anything like my lovely felines. Managing a position as a goddess is absolutely draining, things will be difficult like they always have been.” Bast retorts. “But you’ll get to have a front row seat to that, won’t you my host?”


“Yeah, I guess I will…”


Written by Kolaghan on 02 September 2018

Male Months Later

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