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You try multiple times to try breaking the ice but it seems almost futile. You would pop back up to the surface multiple times until you were almost completely exhausted. Still you tried over and over again, desperate to break off some ice blocks with the specimen inside. You were making some progress, but it was slow.
Before long, you found yourself still struggling to free them by the time the sun was setting. The ocean beneath you was pitch black and whenever you looked down it seemed to give you some anxiety. After it had become dark, somehow, you seemed to sense another presence with you for a while, but your urgency to retrieve the amazing specimen you had found was the highest priority for you at that moment. Your mind was focused only on that.
From how hard you were concentrating, you didn’t seem to notice the mysterious presence when it had approached you. It almost caught you off guard but by the time you had noticed it was upon you, you had already been caught. You turned around in shock as you felt your body starting to become frozen in the ice as well. The first bit had trapped your fins and slowly you felt the ice creeping up further and further.
The moment you realized you were caught, you felt a sense of dread filling your stomach and it was then that you realized that this was it for you. You couldn’t free yourself and more and more of your body had become frozen solid in the ice and before long you could feel yourself slipping away. Your vision faded into darkness and the last thing you remembered before you had fully blacked out was hearing muffled laughter almost directly behind you.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 03 September 2023

The end (for now)

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