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She pleads with you to stay and fight. With little choice between your wounds and your predicament here in this world you agree. The group disperses, all except for the She-wolf and the old fox that had helped you yesterday. The two lead you to a room deep within the den with a bed and a candle. The wolf leaves but the vulpine remains for a moment to assist with your wounds. As he moves forward to take you by the waist you recoil.
"Please my child, I must attend to those cuts. I mean you no harm, I know you can sense that in me by now. If it helps you any, I assure you that I cannot see you."
"There is plenty of light, how can you not see me?" You retort.
"I cannot see you... For I do not see anything. I am completely blind. However, what my eyes cannot see, my other senses can perceive far greater."
"Alright. But don't try anything stupid."
He smiles at you disarmingly as he moves to clean and prepare your wounds. After he has finished he advises that you lie still for several days. You are hardly in a position to argue at this point and decide to at least take advantage of the hospitality as long as it's given. For days you lay underground; thinking; contemplating; planning. You don't want to fight, you don't want to truly help these people either. This world isn't your's, you think, why should you?
The bed you lay on is comfortable enough to keep you from hurting yourself when you move but the food doesn't agree with you much. You do your best to eat and relax. The gray and brown walls flicker in varying shades among the light of your candle and keep your mind racing even when you close your eyes. The whole ordeal is beyond your control and you feel like a puppet. Is this a sick game, or someone's personal endeavor? Only time will tell...
Several days pass, seven, a week, by your estimate, though, without access to the sunlight you cannot be sure. You still don't have any clothes and though this world does not appear to require them in society, you feel somewhat barren without them. Your new female form feels so vulnerable to the elements with nothing to wear. You tear away some of the bedding's sheet and wrap up with it as you begin your journey. In your mind, you are escaping, though these people would probably let you come and go as you please.

Written by Lokor and Kire Kitsune on 14 November 2013


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