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As the night progressed, they broke open their barrels of ale. The golden mixture was poured in a collection of mugs, some of them proper mugs you could guess they had taken from somewhere, but most of them handcrafted ones made out of pieces of armor, furniture, and bones. They cheered and sang happy tunes in a quick tongue you can barely follow, but their content was clear enough: They had triumphed over the invaders, now their bellies were full, and their hearts were strong.


Four of the goblin warriors dragged an entire barrel towards. You are not sure if you could drink it or if it would have been a good idea, but the Predator aspect plunges his head in the barrel, drinking in long, thirsty gulps, then raising his head with the barrel stuck to it. The goblins laughed and brought more ale towards you, while their songs went from animated to a slow, calming cadence.


You can’t help, but feel the inebriating effects of the alcohol mixing in with the painkiller medicine Lickwound had administered, getting you dizzy way too quickly.


Whatever had been in Lickwound’s remedies they seemed to work. After the burning sensation was gone, they left your body tingly and light, the pain becoming only a distant memory. It’s easy to relax and let the drunk singing of the goblins lull you into a comforting and heavy slumber

Written by Ashley Natter on 25 April 2021

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