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As you start drowning, you marvel at the bad timing of whoever is behind this reality shifting thing. A few seconds later and the area would already have been flooded and caused you to enter the body of a ready-made sea creature. Instead you wake up as (roughly) human and almost drown as the environment abruptly changes.


Fortunately most environments in this game (or whatever it is) allow 'normal' shapechanging in addition to the Quantum Leap style reality shifting thing. You just... have to... hold your... breath... a... little... longer...


Suddenly a beam from the collapsing roof lands on you, but instead of getting crushed you are kind of squished out. As you ooze free and float away, you realize that you must have scored pretty low on any previous rounds of the game.


You are a jellyfish.

Written by Won-Tolla on 30 November 2007

The end (for now)

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