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At once the staff begins to glow.
"Accept my help, and the jungle will be yours" it says.
It's strange. Your mind is spinning. You feel a mental presence in your mind, a sort of warm sensation. Something inside of you tells you to trust it.
The presence takes root and you feel your body changing.
"Close your eyes and accept my gift" it says.
A sudden euphoria comes over you. Pure bliss. Feeling so good inside, as if the inside of your soul is being filled. With a soft sigh, you close your eyes, and welcome the warmth and comfort.
You feel your pants changing into real fur, a thick pelt across your legs and bottom. Your shirt does not get the same treatment, it splits into ribbons, your growing breasts too much for it to contain. A moment of fear crosses your mind at this but the presence in your mind reassures you.
"Don't worry," it says. "My gift is meant to be enjoyed."
Along with the changes to your clothing, your nose elongates and expands, your ears become pointed and larger. Your tail grows and curls behind you, flicking lazily.
You feel your front smooth out and you reach down to feel nothing but smooth, thick fur. Your hands explore farther, feeling your behind expanding into another pair of legs, and then finally between them. You gasp at the sensations before it is out of your reach.
"Wait!" you cry out. "I need to know what's happening to me! What is happening?"
The presence in your mind laughs softly.
"What do you think is happening? You are becoming the goddess of the jungle. You will be worshiped by every animal as soon as they lay eyes on you."
"GodDESS?" you say "I am a guy."
Again laughter comes from the staff. "No, no you are a godess. And now, your form is the physical manifestation of the power that lives within you. Accept my gift and become what you were born to be. Place your hand on the tree and listen"
Keeping the staff in hand, you approach the nearest tree and rest your palm against its bark. The plants around move forming a path.
"You have done well," the staff says. "Now, I am sure you want to check out your new body. Feel free to check it out in the mirror"
You walk back to the shack. Your new hind legs take some getting used to, along with the bounce of your chest as you walk.
Inside you can now see what has happened to your body. From the waist up a very well endowed anthropomorphic tigress. From below you have the body of a normal tiger.
Your face is mostly tiger with only slight hints of human, but still you can tell it is feminine.
When you turn around you almost bump into the staff. Its glowing light shines brightly in the hut, illuminating everything.
"I hope you enjoy my gift, it will take time for me to gain enough power to do that again."
With those words, the glow fades and your vision returns.
A frown spreads across your muzzle. "I am stuck like this? For how long? Until I die?"
The staff shakes itself. "Well if you gain followers at the standard rate, a couple of centuries at most. But don't worry. My gift will make you irresistible to anyone who lays eyes on you."
You stare at the staff. So, this is the deal. If you want to be human or male again you have to become a goddess? That sounds crazy.
"How do I even get people to follow me?" you ask.
The staff shrugs. "You'll figure it out. Now go forth and rule."
As you start for the door, the staff speaks again.
"Every divine has a number of domains they are in control of. Yours are ..." it looks at you,

Illustrated by NovelAi

Written by NovelAi on 21 November 2022

The end (for now)

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