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You wake slowly. Your hearing comes first, the cries of tropical birds fill the air. You remember the soft and high trills from the visit of the local tropical pet store. Disorientated, your brain tries to catch up with events as you slowly open your eyes. Why were you at the pet store? You wonder as your eyes closed faster than they opened, the sharp pain from the bright light forcing you back. Your body still weak from whatever just happen. You slip and fall onto your side, away from the sun and into the soil and foliage below.


Eyes still tightly shut red lights danced behind your eyelids. You take this chance to breathe in deep and relax yourself. You already proven panicking will harm you, even if it was temporary sun blindness. Until you knew exactly what happen to you, you needed to think; you needed your wits. Breathing deeply helped you get that calmness you wanted and it open yourself to more question. The rich scent of earth, the clean robust scent of green plants. The air was pure, purer than anything you had ever smelled before. It was amazing, the hints of dead leaves, the smell of new growth. It was also terrifying. You could never smell something like this before, the thoughts send chills down your spine.


Your eyes open. You're in the shadow of, you look up to confirm; a large tree. The light that blinded you earlier was sunlight, coming through in an opening left by the towering tree company above you. Everything was as you smelled and heard. Trees larger than anything you had ever seen crowed around, numerous as people shopping for the holidays at your local mall. You look down and see leaves and branches of all sorts scattered in different levels of rot beneath where you lay. You watch with a detached interest as a huge centipede wormed its way in and out of the jungles floor. It was easily the length of a skateboard and fat around as a pop can. You work back to the word, jungle; that is exactly where you appear to be; a jungle. So what are you going to do about it?

Written by psto1464 on 02 August 2018

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