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HAAAAAAAAAAA-SULVANIAAAAA! emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar


You thought it was a vampire bat, and it was a fruit bat. Ha ha, life.


"Scree!" You throw up your new wings reflexively as a sudden wind picks up, filling the leathery folds and shooting you out of the room and into a black nothingness. After perhaps thirty seconds the air temperature rises to something like eighty degrees Fahrenheit or more, and stars come into view below you. Naturally, this means you're upside down, and when you do land in the tree you're confused indeed.


For a few moments you sit and catch your batty breath. Then you smell something... fruity! It's a fruit tree you landed in! Score! Although you can't place the exact fruit, you chow down, suddenly hungry--I guess breaking the laws of physics takes energy.


Leaning against the tree in an oddly human pose, you munch fruit and try to get a view of the land. It's night time, and unusually dark, so it's hard.


Soon the moon pops out from behind a cloud and gives you a hand, revealing great grassy plains, tall scrubby trees with flat tops, and a few humongous shapes moving in the distance. It must be Africa! You rejoice silently, sucking fruit juice off your chin; you always wanted to visit Africa.


Then, you notice a different... quality to things, in the way things look, something you don't think can be attributed to your new bat eyesight. Things look... clearer somehow? You're hard pressed to put a clear label on what's weird, until the moonlight, sliding across the land like a crazy moving blanket, suddenly rears up and uncovers a huge stone structure looming high on the plain, something like a pile of gargantuan glacial rocks piled precariously on one another. The shape is familiar... what is that shape?


"ERK!" It hits you, and you choke temporarily on your fruit.


That's why everything looks weird--it's animated! And not only that, but the stone structure you're staring at is Pride Rock, from the Lion King!


You're in the Lion King universe for a week!



Written by Mr.Peaches on 27 November 2006

Another bat approaches

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