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“Uhh.” The words seemed to continue to stick in your throat, in your weakened state, it was almost impossible to hold your eyes up to meet the king, as he stood before you patiently awaiting your response. Like a rock the reality hit you, yet as hard as you tried, you could barely utter a word from your tightly sealed lips. “Well I-”


“Spit it out!?” The king barked at you, his booming voice echoed through the tunnels as he began to lose his patience with you. This only made the words stick even more in your throat. You immediately lower your head, closing your eyes tightly shut before reacting with slight aggression.
“It was nothing.” you projected loud enough for an echo to resonate through the corridors for a while. When the sounds died down, there was nothing but you and the king standing there in silence. He looked disappointed in you as he crossed his arms in response.


“You know I don’t have time for these kinds of games. You can see I was talking with an important ally about some really important matters.” His voice seemed stern and cold; off put you continue to take his lecture. “Listen, if you have something to say next time, and you can’t. Then either get it out right away…” His heavy footsteps began to recede farther into the dark corridors of the palace underground. The jet black fur around his shoulders looked almost as if he was melting into the darkness as he began to leave you there. “Or just don’t even try at all.”


The words echoed through the tunnel even more faintly than before. Your heart hurt as you listened to the silence repeating your father’s words; echoing the lecture over and over again throughout your head. You feel as if something terrible is going to happen, and you can’t talk to anyone about it.


After a day or so, this isolation began to take a toll on you. During the royal ball, you had found out the king had been assassinated. You weren’t in attendance to see it, though you couldn’t help but feel as if there was something more you could have done for your family. This only contributed to your isolation, further quarantining you to either your bedroom, or the same catacombs you last saw the king in. One day, you find yourself clutching yourself, upset in the undergrounds once again. The dark musty air clung to your fur, hugging you, and comforting the dark reality before you.


As your mind pondered what your next steps were, something seemed to almost draw you even deeper into the dark tunnels. You had no idea where your paws were taking you. What will you do?

Written by Driftingdragon on 15 March 2020

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