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So many choices...
Then, it hits you: why not go as Amy?
You've always admired her devotion to Sonic, even if it does get out of hand most of the time. It might be fun to just mess with him a little.
Soon, the changes begin. Bright pink fur begins to grow on your legs, and you get the same itchy feeling it brings on your chest and face. Your ears slide up to the top of your head, and you can just see the tip of your nose turning black as it moves lower down your face. Your hair grows down almost to your shoulders; it has turned the same color as your fur.
The next thing to change is your clothes. The t-shirt and denim shorts you were wearing are replaced by a bold, red dress, and your shoes rise over your ankles and become heeled boots. White gloves appear on your hands, cuffed by two gold bracelets.


Finally, you become dizzy as the world seems to grow all around you. No... nothing's growing... you're shrinking!
Then a portal opens up before you out of nowhere. Inside you see a lush, green landscape, dotted with palm trees, floating rings, and shuttle loops:
It's the legendary Green Hill Zone!
With a jolt of excitement, you jump right in.

Written by Prime Metallix on 09 May 2009

The end (for now)
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